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The Importance of Telling the Truth and Giving Something Back to Your Audience - Creative Show & Tell

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This week’s Creative Show & Tell is a total mish-mash of inspo! Thanks to Ouro Boros Organic Wholefood Café for hosting us.



My fellow #girlboss and friend, Prue Aja, and I are both as obsessed with astrology as each other and it comes up every time we speak. Naturally, she forwarded me this e-book and bang! It became my inspiration for this week's Creative Show & Tell. I urge you to download this guide. Even if you're not into this "mumbo jumbo" I think it is the BEST in the business when it comes to a free e-book resource. In fact, I think all the crappy e-books out there have given them a bad name. Any savvy person online has surely clued on that they're often used as bait to get someone's email, without much value at all. It makes you skeptical.

Available here.... thecosmiccollective.com

But this is different. This is a guide. There's so much effort involved, the content is amazing and the design that supports it is wonderful. This is a present that you want to keep and share. 
So what is it that makes it work? What are the lessons we can learn from this?

  • 80/20 rule. If you're going to "sell" through giving good content, please make sure that 80% of it is the great content. Of 104 pages, only 7 pages tell us what The Cosmic Collective do and what they sell. Out of respect, I am going to their website.
  • Interactivity. This is an interactive pdf, with hyperlinks to take you through the document and also you can print mandalas and colour them in.
  • If calling it a guide, then stay true to what that means. Make it something that someone simply can't live without.
  • Build a community around the interaction. They encourage people to share their creations via a hashtag.

Tara, Founder & Creative Director

INSPO #2 // My Dysfunctions. An "inner-truth" journal by Knock Knock

Depression, mental health, anxiety and all our various neuroses are things we all try our absolute best to keep hidden, for fear of being rejected and seen as 'insane'. This 'inner-truth' journal makes me realise strength is in self-awareness and insight. Our differences are what make us the same - we're all weird/quirky. We are all fighting a quiet, solitary, difficult battle within ourselves - our mind. They say it so much better on the journal 'The only difference between me and the rest of the population is that I acknowledge how crazy I am and they're all in mind-numbing denial'.

The copy in this book is absolutely amazing. It says everything just right and makes a heavy topic like this much more accessible and colloquial with its straight-talk. Just by writing whatever has been on your mind for as little as 15mins over the course of three days, the health benefits include 'stress management, strengthened immune systems, fewer doctor visits, and improvement in chronic illnesses such as asthma'. This book is amazing and it should be a brand in itself - the next movement in managing mental health. Get it here from Knock Knock.

Renata, Designer & Photographer

INSPO #3 // Canva website

We’ve talked a bit lately about how in some ways Australia is quite behind with design trends, when compared to places like UK and Canada. Particularly in the way html5 (video) is used as website backgrounds. Canva is one pretty cool exception. When you head to canva.com, the cursor acts as an exciting reveal of what’s inside the website. Kind of like a mirage, because when you move the cursor it fades back over. It reminds me of those “paint with water” activity books as a kid, when you “paint” with water on the page and the colours magically appear. Tara also said it was like when her and her sisters would help their dad paint the house, using water on the concrete instead of actual paint, so there’s definitely an interesting nostalgic element they’ve tapped into here. The other interesting element is that you have to sign up with your email or Facebook, before accessing the site. Clever marketing; you go, Canva.

Amy, Copywriter & Content Editor

INSPO #4 // Why Time Flies

Among all the cat videos and BuzzFeed articles, my inspiration came straight from my Facebook newsfeed this week, and what a refreshing change of pace it was. With the short and sweet title “Why Time Flies” and a simple thumbnail of a pastel gradient (love a gradient), I had to find out more. The page that pops up is just a simple statement that tells me to “scroll down to see how time flies”. With only one option, obviously I want to scroll down immediately and then I’m scrolling like crazy as the statement disappears as a result of my touch.

Past the beginning of the website, you reach the core of the project, which is an immaculately designed interactive infographic. Focusing on a topic that is slightly hard to grasp but relatable to every person, Maxilian Kiener breaks down and visualises why as we get older time appears to move faster. Whether you’re a numbers, words or visual type of person, the three aspects of the infographic mean you can begin to get your head around this topic. It also means that the next time you scroll through it, you’re going to notice something different and take some new meaning. As the website continues to move along as you scroll and you’re getting a better understanding, the topic might begin to be daunting. However, the pace of copy and friendly phrases of encouragement definitely help from you being put off by that.

Once you reach the end of your “life”, you’re left with a final statement to motivate and inspire. While it’s a fairly big topic to discuss in terms of life stuff, Kiener has found a way to make it a little easier to digest.

Sava, Creative Intern

INSPO #5 // The 36 Questions To Make You Fall In Love…

I first heard about ‘The 36 questions to Make You Fall in Love’ from a guy I met randomly, while we were both travelling in India. It had recently been published in the New York Times, but was originally developed over 20 years ago by an American psychologist to explore the idea of love and if it would be possible for two strangers to fall for each other by answering a series of questions, before then staring into each other’s eyes for four minutes. The idea behind it is that you each share feelings and experiences that put you in a state of vulnerability, allowing you to accelerate your closeness and form an instant connection with one another. Obviously, the ‘stranger’ and I decided to do it (when in Rome…or India?) and spent the following four hours in the nearest coffee shop, where we proceeded to tell each other everything… from what our perfect day would be to our most terrible memory. We then stared into each other’s eyes for four minutes, which I think would normally feel quite uncomfortable, but due to the fact that we’d just told each other our life stories (and more), it felt quite natural. I don’t know whether it was the experiment, the circumstance or maybe just something in the curry, but I will say that I did end up falling in love with this guy. We kept in touch regularly and even ended up going to The Philippines together. Although nothing more came of it and we weren’t ‘meant to be’, I’m really happy that I put the 36 Questions to the test and became one of the hundreds of people who claim to have experienced feelings of love, or at least a connection with a stranger, post-experiment. The test isn’t just limited to two strangers. It’s a really great way for long-term relationships to re-connect or for friends to get to know each other a whole lot better! So maybe when you have a spare four hours, grab a stranger/partner and a coffee and check it out…

Jo, Creative Coordinator

The Dream Team xx