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Yesterday morning, we filmed the pilot episode of CEREAL ENTREPRENEURS. You’ve probably seen us promoting it on social media in the last couple of weeks. In a nutshell, Cereal Entrepreneurs is a collaboration between Dream & Do and Amy from Cool People Doing Cool Things. It’s a monthly meet-up event, bringing the best creative and business minds together over breakfast. Our aim is to break down the fear of starting a business by showcasing those who’ve done it and lived to tell the tale.

Our target markets are more than similar: Amy’s online publication features weekly stories of thinkers, dreamers, creatives and entrepreneurs who are out there doing cool things. She’s all about the ‘little guys’ – the ones you don’t see gracing the pages of glossy magazines. As you know, my creative agency works with start-ups, business visionaries and dreamers everywhere, with a particular focus on bringing dreams to life through the power of branding. We are both passionate about people living their purpose and making a living by doing so.

The idea spawned from what we like to call, a 'happy accident'. Amy, who also works as copywriter and content editor at Dream & Do, was proofreading our website one day. I had written a mock-up title of a blog post ‘Cereal Entrepreneurs’ which was literally about someone in the cereal business. Amy pointed to it and said, ‘Oh cool, is that an event?’ It wasn't. But it could be? We looked at each other across the table and just knew. It was one of those moments. We dreamed, and then we did.

A few short months later, here we are, suffering from a day-after Cereal Entrepreneurs hangover (read: extreme tiredness from late night planning, setting up, early starts and general brain death). But we’re pleased to say that we killed it. We had a 30-strong audience, some amazing people helping us out and a killer set, made by Emma Bartik and Kendra McCarthy. We felt like Ellen and Oprah sitting up there, interviewing Nikki Lee from Unbirthday Bakery.

It’s safe to say unconventional is in her blood. When Nikki quit her corporate sales gig to bake mind-blowingly awesome cakes, it wasn’t even a big deal. At 19, she dropped out of six months of a design degree to go out on her own, working as a graphic designer for several years. Well, with a background like that, the aesthetically pleasing cakes make sense. (Have you stalked her Insta yet? @unbirthdaybakery) As a tiny tot wrapped in a fluffy purple dressing gown, she used to watch rented cake decorating videos, over and over again. She asked for a cake mixer for one of her pre-teen birthdays and has nostalgic memories of the Women’s Weekly birthday cakes (who doesn’t?)! if that isn’t the most perfect example of an entrepreneur being put on this earth to do what she’s doing, then I don’t know what is. Nikki is also a singing teacher.

Nikki had some amazing insights, and we could’ve listened to her talk all day. We feel incredibly lucky that she said yes to this opportunity and shared her wisdom with our guests, especially when she’s said no to some pretty big collaboration opportunities in the past.

There’s that saying: ‘Bad rehearsal, good performance’ that rang extremely true for us on Monday night. Delirious and giggly, we fumbled through a hilariously awkward run-through (just the two of us, on the couch at 10pm, in front of a husband and a fiancé, after hauling chairs and wrapping 30 presents). But on Tuesday morning, we were fresh and ready.

The incredible Lunch Lady Lou made individual cereal breakfasts for our guests, Where the Wild Things Grow provided smoothies, and a host of sponsors including Collective Hub, The Entourage, In Yoga and Keep Cup were featured in our goodie presents. Goody bags would be too conventional.

We wanted to create an event that’s anything but ordinary. That combines business with fun. Say no to stuffy. Say no to scary ‘networking’. We’re provided each guest with a toothbrush that read ‘Fresh Start’, but backwards, so when you brush your teeth in the mirror you are reminded that everyday is a new opportunity to do something you love.

The second segment of the 'show' was 'Stunt the Dream Team'. I led this session and was backed up my my Dream Team, Amy & Renata. This took the form of a creative workshop, where members of the audience could ask us questions on creative things they are struggling with their business right now. I would use these questions, to showcase how to come up with an idea, beyond brainstorming. Patrick from Cherrii asked how he can create an interesting set for the interview series he is starting soon. Meagan hasn't quite started her business yet and is struggling with a name. You can watch how we handled this on our video soon


Stay tuned for the next event in Sydney… simply fill out the form below and we will keep you in all of the [fruit] loops. Meanwhile, here’s a barrage of social media handles to keep up to date.

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