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If you don’t know about Frank Body then you are missing out on an amazing and intelligent brand - stop and check out their Instagram right now! We absolutely love them here at the Dream & Do office and it’s pretty obvious why. No, it’s not the attractive people… okay maybe a little. But really, it’s because they are social media gurus, and know Instagram like the back of their hands. They're a great brand we can all learn from.

Frank Body is estimated to have already made $20million this EOFY, after only 18 months in business, backed by the power of social media.

But for now, let's focus on how they have used Instagram to build such huge engagement.


If you’re anything like me, you follow about 500 Instagram accounts religiously at the moment, and that number will probably only grow. So if you’re following that many, there’s no doubt your fans are too. This is where a unique tone of voice for your brand is necessary to ensure your message is heard and, most importantly, seen. Frank Body has done this incredibly well, creating the cheeky character of ‘Frank’ with all his sexual innuendo, who is always trying to get you in the shower. Now keep in mind, this particular tone of voice won’t suit everyone. But you need to do the market research and create a unique character who will speak to your audience, and they won’t mind hearing it either.


New start-up brands often fall into the category of trying to say way too much about the brand or product to their audience, bombarding them with so many conflicting messages and over-polluting the communication stream. It’s great to be eager and posting a few times a day at the start to build up your profile, but only if the message is clear. The founders of Frank Body state that it’s a “...simple product with a simple strategy, to make women feel great about themselves,” said Bree Johnson, one of the co-founders. When you go to their various social media accounts, this is extremely clear. Sharing images of ordinary women, mother’s with their children, people with skin imperfections, women confident in their skin and taking the time to pamper themselves.


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When Frank Body first told people about their campaign to get people to post photos of themselves in the shower, everyone thought they were crazy and that it would never work. Big brands don’t seem to give their audience enough credit. People love a little creative license with the opportunity to be featured and reposted, so there’s a great potential there for new brands to come up with a small campaign/strategy to get people involved. If it's successful, your audience can end up creating content for you, making life so much easier! But of course, no one likes being told what to do, especially by a brand. So always keep that in mind and instead inspire your fans to share your content and allow them creative freedom, rather than telling them what to do.


The fastest way to grow a following, of course, is to collaborate with like-minded brands and personalities. Bloggers who are interested in your product may only have a few thousand or a few hundred followers, but you’ll get a positive review of your product and establish a new touch point with your customers. The way to do this is just send out your product or service to people you've identified to be in the target market for your wider audience. You need to spend a little money to make a little money. Paying it forward is the most underrated form of business.


What screams out at me from the Frank Body Instagram feed is their lack of ‘selling’. We all know what the product is, how to use it, how beneficial it is… but we’re not told to buy it! I love this. I know I absolutely hate being told to buy or try something. The social media customer wants to be sold a lifestyle, empathy marketing with pictures, and they then make the decision whether they buy it or not. I think this is what every brand needs to turn their customer into loyal fans.


Clearly, we love your brand to death and we'd kill to see you grow even further. What we have noticed is your enormous following of glowing mothers and their adorable bubs! Fortunately there's no age limit on Frank Body and both can enjoy the amazing effects this potent coffee scrub has to offer... A child's skin is known to be quite different from mature skin. So, and take this with a grain of salt (or coffee!), why not market a separate range for all those cute babies? Kids love to make a mess and it's so much easier to clean it up in the bathtub! Why not?

What do all you readers think? Would you be interested in seeing Frank Body for kids?

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