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Pantone 2016, 360 videos + A Cute Border Collie - Creative Show & Tell

Creative Show & TellTara SheltonComment

This morning, we were hosted by Brickfields around the corner from the Dream & Do office. Rachel showcased the new Pantone colours, which, oddly enough, are the same colours of the branding packages Tara brought in. Amy and Renata's were experiential examples of creative content from around the world and beyond, and Jo's portraits of loving couples reminded us all of the values to which we aspire. All in all, a Wednesday morning well spent!

INSPO #1 // Pantone Colours of 2015

Since 2000, Pantone has been releasing the "Pantone of the Year", which is the colour they forecast that sets the trend for the next year. This year, instead of one colour, Pantone released two colours for 2016 - Rose Quartz & Serenity. Yes, I agree Pantone, because I would have a hard time choosing the hero out of these two colours.

It's nice to know that Pantone has taken chaotic events of 2015 into consideration. The two colours combined represents wellness, balance, calming, compatible, duality and tranquility. The decision is highly influenced by the discussion of gender fluidity.

“Globally, we are experiencing gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted color trends throughout all other areas of design. This more unilateral approach to color is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity,” explains Pantone.

The colours are also derived from the transgender flag, which is sky blue, baby pink and white. They're also the colours of reflection and peace. Maybe it's Pantone's message for peace and equality in our environment that seems sometimes elusive in today's society. You'll be sure to see more of these colours in the new year.

Rachel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

INSPO #2 // Finding Momo

Finding Momo to me is like a modern take on everyone's favourite childhood book (probably because it didn't involve any reading at all) - Where's Wally. Where is this adorable and extremely patient Border Collie named Momo?

This project started as a passion project, has now released a second book, Find Momo Coast to Coast, and is just shy of 500k followers on Instagram. It started out on Andrew Knapp's personal Instagram; he's a freelance interface designer and photographer with the sweet and simple tagline of 'start something, begin anywhere'. He has stuck to his vision and look what has happened!

I think, well for me, the scariest or hardest part is to start - to start that project you've been thinking over for eight months, to start discussing your ideas, to start sharing your work. It's a big leap of faith, faith in yourself. I think that's why I find this little book so inspiring - apart from Momo being incredibly cute and photogenic. As Andrew has written in his dedication: "explore, create, stay curious". 

Now go and try find Momo!

Renata, Graphic Designer & Photographer

INSPO #3 // 360 videos

A friend recently introduced me to 360 videos and it pretty much blew my mind. Technology, hey? How amazing is it?! Apparently it all started with a couple of dudes around the world taping GoPros together in a weird circle, to try and emulate a 360 vision. Now, it's a thing. It's kind of like the lovechild of Periscope and Google Streetview. Best watched on a phone or iPad so you can move it around to get a full view.

Okay, it's really hard to explain so you're just going to have to take my word for it. Check out Mark Zuckerberg's recent Facebook post about it, plus Mythbusters and, of course, YouTube. Imagine this for festivals, snorkelling, weddings, house inspections, the possibilities are endless. Literally, endless. Because it's 360. Geddit? #deep

We cannot WAIT to implement 360 video experiences for one of our new clients - a travel/fashion hub that sources and sells fashion pieces from hard-to-find places around the world. Imagine being able to browse a full boutique store in Paris or Ibiza, from your computer in the office?! We will never need to travel again... (but, of course, we will!)

Amy, Copywriter & Content Editor

INSPO #4 // Lovers by Maud Chalard

With the rise of apps like Tinder, making relationships so disposable, or websites like Ashley Madison, that promote and set up affairs for married people, it has become especially difficult for our generation to believe in the idea of love. Whatever happened to good old fashioned, romantic, true, unconditional love between two people? It seems that the noughties are all about the naughties.

Just when I thought I’d lost all faith, I stumbled across the work of French photographer Maud Chalard. Her “Lovers” series has been created in order to “capture the deep feeling of love and share hope with the generation who thinks love is lost”. Our eyes have become so deluded with a constant stream of advertising and Instagram pictures, often showing the ‘perfect’ (photoshopped/posed) couple, that to see a genuine moment between two real people in love, is pretty special. I could look at these photographs all day and I probably will.

This is a prime example of how people can use their art, whatever that may be, to alter opinions/open minds/fill hearts. Maud Chalard, you have definitely succeeded in what you set out to do. I’m officially a believer again. And it feels good. I feel excited about the future and I can’t WAIT to fall head-over-heels in love again one day, whenever that may be.

Jo, Creative Coordinator

INSPO #5 // Frank Body brand experience

It is no surprise to anyone that I adore branding. If I didn't, then I own the wrong business. It is also not news to anyone that we are obsessed with the brand FRANK BODY, created by the messiah Willow & Blake. I am shy to say though, that whilst being a crazy fan of the brand, I haven't bought their product in over a year. That would change this xmas.

I jumped on their incredible website and shopped the "bundle" mixing and matching to create my own little gift pack. The online shopping experience was fun and all of the emails I got (the usual ones like "order complete" and "product on it's way") were heavily branded and packed with personality. 

And then, the packaging. The packaging was gorgeous, with attention to detail like no other. So much so that I jumped straight online that night to buy another!

Frank Body demonstrate how EVERY SINGLE touchpoint is an opportunity to say something to your customers. The most simple thing that businesses forget is that creating these automated processes to fulfill an order, they forget that customers are people. We get a million emails a day, so do something different. We just bought from your fancy website, spent money on a product sold to us by your fancy website, don't send us toilet paper emails that say "order 45678997h, your product has been dispatched."

What a superbly creative way to tell me that my order is being shipped! So beautifully designed too, of course...

What a superbly creative way to tell me that my order is being shipped! So beautifully designed too, of course...

I love that they don't need to shout from the rooftops that they're also contributing money to charity:water with every Frank selfie you take! Seriously, brand goals...

I love that they don't need to shout from the rooftops that they're also contributing money to charity:water with every Frank selfie you take! Seriously, brand goals...

Tara, Founder & Creative Director

The Dream Team xx