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Ginger. Love. Google Maps. - Creative Show & Tell

Tara SheltonComment

Just a small team of three this morning, but it doesn't mean our collection of delectable pieces of creativity are any less than perfect for your hump day vibes. Also! It's 11.11 today, so hopefully you're all manifesting like crazy. The universe has got your back.

INSPO #1 // The Ginger Net by Bigfish TV

My super cool cousin is a copywriter at Bigfish in Brisbane (words must run in the family, huh?) and one of my favourite projects she’s worked on is The Ginger Net. Buderim Ginger approached Bigfish, wanting their ginger products to appeal to younger people – a cool, hip crowd, if you will – and not just geriatrics. (Like my 66-year-old father, bless his soul. Soz Dad. Loves his ginger.) So Bigfish fulfilled their dreams, and created a microsite thegingernet.com, complete with animated pieces of ginger talking about discrimination (I die) and a ‘Hottest Ginger’ competition. This year, they won Gold for the Digital Microsites category at BADC (Brisbane Advertising and Design Club, for "creative individuals" since 1974). Here is some ginger-related gloriousness by Bigfish...

It's our dream here at Dream & Do to become renowned for creating amazing content for brands to spread their message, beyond traditional advertising campaigns (um, boring). Bigfish has totally nailed it, with a content-driven platform celebrating all things ginger, from rangas to recipes to cats. They even took to the road in a kombi, handing out tens of thousands of cans of Buderim ginger beer and gaining some pretty epic PR coverage along the way (Sunrise, Mamamia, etc.) Just goes to show what can be achieved with a reasonable budget, dash of creativity and a big dream.

Amy, Copywriter

INSPO #2 // Google Maps 'Code the Road'

Google Maps has just turned 10 and they're doing a pretty cool thing to celebrate it! The project is called "Code the Road" where Google is hitting the road on a 'Googlely' decorated bus, travelling around the world for a month to meet with developers and creators who are building the new map of today. For each destination, they run fun workshops with their customers such as Harley Davidson, iFit, The Weather Channel and even Sesame Street. They discuss how Google maps have influenced their organisations and evolving the potential of utilising the technology further.


I think the key message here is that you need to constantly push the boundaries of an idea. With the power of collaborating and sharing ideas, even if it's a small one, everything can evolve into something you can't live without... Like Google Maps.

Rachel, Graphic Designer

INSPO #3 // Love Always book

Love Always was a gift from me, to me, during my first week in Australia when I wasn’t feeling particularly great and needed an injection of ‘good stuff’ for the soul. I took myself on a date with my new beautiful book and a soy latte and within a couple of hours had managed to fall back in love with life, myself and everyone around me.

This isn’t just a wishy-washy book about romantic nonsense; it’s filled with factual information about the biology of attraction, physiological theories, practising mindfulness, as well as Buddhist teachings, Tibetan sayings, and quotes from the greats such as Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa. It discusses self-love and acceptance, compassion, synchronicity, the importance of forgiveness and meditation, and pretty much everything you need to know to tune your frequency back onto the love vibes. Life is so much better when you’re looking at it through rose-tinted lenses. Once you start looking at everything and everyone with love, you attract only the same back. You no longer get that inner rage when somebody pushes in front of you in a queue or feel offended when your friend doesn’t message you back for weeks. Instead you feel empathy within every situation and are too busy thinking about everything you love to even notice the things you don’t.

A great practice of mindfulness, and to get back into this way of thinking, is to be aware of what your mind is focusing on when you walk down the street. Instead of mulling over what somebody said to you last week or what you’re doing at the weekend, switch your brain into the present moment. Look at your surroundings. Appreciate the weather (even if it’s raining - not everybody in the world has this luxury). Consider every tree you walk past - its beauty and how long it’s probably been there, in that very spot, longer than you’ve been on this earth. Feel fortunate for having the freedom to be able to actually walk down the street in the first place (that’s assuming that you’re lucky enough to have the ability to walk). Love the vast array of people you walk past and how different and unique we all are. Did you know there’s only 1 in 400 trillion chance of each and every one of us even being here? That makes us all pretty special and we should appreciate ourselves and each other for that alone.

As this gorgeous book quotes - “Where the mind goes, the energy flows” (Ernest Holmes), and if we turn our mind to love and gratitude, our energy will naturally flow in the same direction - both out of ourselves and back into ourselves.

Love Always is not only filled with life/mind-changing content, it's also put together in the most adorable way. Every page is like a piece of art. It’s made with a variety of different silver-lined papers, pretty illustrations, colours, fonts and creates an entire experience when you read it. I actually went back to the bookshop I bought it from to tell them how much I love it and apparently the author - Marianne Vicelich - put the entire book together by herself… As if I couldn’t love her enough already!!

Basically, if you’re looking to fall back in love with yourself and your life, here’s your answer. This book should be part of the curriculum in schools and if it was, I’m sure this world would be a far greater place. I LOVE YOU ALL XXX

Jo, Creative Coordinator

The Dream Team x