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5 Minutes with Rachel from Styled by Rachel

Tara SheltonComment

One of Dream & Do’s first clients, Rachel from Styled by Rachel, shares the story of why she sold her salon to work from home, and what our branding has done for her business. See more here…

Why did you want to start Styled by Rachel?

I wanted to start the business to gain more of a work-life balance, so that I had more flexibility. I had a high responsibility in a salon with staff and a “real-deal” business. I wanted something that would give me the ability to have a family, reduce my overheads, and take a day off when necessary!

Why was brand so important to your ‘home salon’?

Initially I wasn’t sure if it was important; it was Tara who made me realise that even though it didn’t feel like a “legit” business, I could treat it as one from a visual perspective. She also made me realise that you never know where you’ll end up, and left the branding open for me to explore other avenues, not just hairdressing, in the future. She said “dream big” and it stuck with me. There’s nothing to say I might not venture back out into the world and have a salon again, so at that point I’d have the branding ready-made.

What was it like to work with Dream & Do?

It was the best of fun. I was almost sad it was over! It was great. I often found that when I was feeling demotivated, I would need to talk to Tara and I’d feel rebooted again.