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5 Minutes with Sally from FREEDOM HUB

Tara SheltonComment

This week we caught up with the lovely Sally from Freedom Hub. Sally originally came to us with a simple logo design for her not-for-profit and needed us to transform the brand into something beautiful and classy. See the work we did for her here…

Why did you start Freedom Hub?

When I found out that there was human trafficking and slavery happening in Australia; I didn’t know it was happening and became very passionate about it. I realised there was a big gap between what can be provided by the government and what is needed by the survivors themselves. There’s no stepping stone. The goal for Freedom Hub is to help them from rescue, right through to success, helping them apply for school, TAFE, find jobs, housing. There’s a need and no one else in Australia is doing that.

What are you most passionate about?

Work and life come hand-in-hand for me. Freedom Hub needs to grow now so we can help more people. We can only manage 14-15 clients at a time, but there are an estimated 3-4000 victims of human trafficking in this country. I’m passionate about not going down the typical charity path, but instead being social innovators who fill the gap between government can provide and what the community needs. Freedom Hub needs to be a marketplace so that Australians can realign their spending to support causes and make change in society. It’s about finding solutions, or “Solution revolution” as I say. That’s why we’re opening a café in Waterloo, and it will also be an event hire space. All the proceeds will go to the not-for-profit, but we want it to be a place that people will come and hang out because it has the best coffee/atmosphere/environment, not because they’re they have a guilty conscience and know they’re supporting a cause.

How has Dream & Do helped your brand?

Enormously. As you can see, it’s very unique and visionary. I didn’t want to go down the charity path because it can feel dodgy and cheap with a stigma attached to the word. Tara got my feelings and vision on paper and helped me come up with branding aligned with excellence, beauty, freedom, class.