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5 Minutes with Gloria from GG Inspired

Tara SheltonComment

Here at Dream & Do, we’re of the belief that Gloria from GG Inspired has the coolest job in the world. She creates luxury travel experiences for her clients and, as a result, gets to travel A LOT. Such a perfect example of finding what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, combining them together and creating the dream job. See our branding work here…

Why did you want to start GG Inspired?

Because I’ve always loved travelling and I really love promoting travel and creating experiences that I’ve had the pleasure of doing myself, for friends and clients. I’ve always loved working in luxury travel, and I have a background in events so plenty of amazing contacts.

What’s the big dream for your business?

Continuing to grow my client base and create better, more amazing luxury travel experiences for my clients.

How important is branding and how has Dream & Do helped your journey?

Branding is super important for me, especially when you’re developing a luxury brand. Everything I do needs to reflect what I’m trying to sell and in being a luxury travel stylist, I think people expect everything to be beautiful and luxurious. Dream & Do have done my business cards and working on the new website, and have helped me realise the value in making sure everything is personalised and on-brand, down to using my own handwriting for some of the lettering work on the website.