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Create For You, The Rest Will Follow - Creative Show & Tell

Creative Show & TellTara SheltonComment

This week our Show and Tell took on a very creative theme - go figure right? It consisted of digital media in various forms that inspired us to not be afraid to do something creative for yourself for the love of it... sometimes these things lead to fabulous outcomes.

INSPO #1  //  I won't let you down - OK GO

I was shown this music video recently by one of our clients to inspire an exciting mural we are working on. I knew that the team would love this one! This video is mesmerising to watch and is a whole lot of fun. This band has become famous for it's music videos, however it all started from a very low budget, highly creative video in 2006 for "Here it Goes Again" in which the band performed a complex routine on motorised treadmills. It has since received over 50 million views.

Over time, they have become more elaborate and obviously have much higher budgets, however the concept is the same. A whole lot of synchronised fun that is filmed with just one rolling camera, meaning hours and hours of practice for perfect timing! This video reminds us to keep having fun and that often the ideas that you could have with friends and filmed in your living room could eventually get noticed and become the next viral thing on you tube. However, if you get BIG, remember how you got there aka: Don't stop having fun!

Tara, Founder & Creative Director

INSPO #2  //  Zeitgeist: The Movie

'Zeitgeist: The Movie' is a documentary that explores and questions the main subjects that (unfortunately) create the world we live in today - money, power, wars, government, and religion. It’s massively eye-opening as it goes through history explaining events and facts that are generally unknown, along with the similarities between them and how these ideas were created in the first place. For those with an open mind, you’ll find it educational, thrilling and potentially life-changing. For those with a closed mind, you’ll find it ridiculous, crazy and potentially mind-opening!!

I found this film so inspiring, not only for its content, but also for its confidence and conviction. In history, millions have been killed for speaking out against ‘the powers that be’ or going against the grain of what we are told to believe. Zeitgeist shouts “Fuck you! We’re not puppets on a string. We’re not stupid and we’re not scared to be the voice that helps others think and question the truth". I think this attitude can be used as encouragement and applied in many areas of our lives. We should have the faith in ourselves to say what we think, be who we want and have courage in our beliefs. Are we Sheep or Unique? Do we want to follow in flocks and become a mass of the same old congregation? Or do we want to be our own individual people - the game-changers who think outside the box and make a real difference during our time on this beautiful planet. 

Zeitgeist: The Movie can be found on Netflix or youtube… Please check it out!!  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=zeitgeist

Jo, Creative Coordinator

INSPO  #3  //  The Gap by Ira Glass

For any creative or even people who are struggling to fight for their dream. This is for you. Inspired by a segment that radio talk show host Ira Glass (and show host This American Life) on "The Gap", Daniel Sax compiled this beautifully curated typographic short highlighting keywords of his segment. He mentions the struggles of creating creative work and to achieve your goals, an individual has to get through a lot hard work to get to that level. As a creative, this is my comfort & motivational video to shut down all doubts in my mind. I hope this will encourage creatives or anyone out there to not give up on their dreams.

Rachel, Graphic Designer

INSPO #4//  How Painting Can Change Communites

When artists Haas&Hahn went to Rio De Janeiro to film a documentary on the DIY urban favela communities, they didn’t think that what would follow in the years to come would make such an impact on urban communities around the world.

Their TED talk ‘How painting can transform communities’ was a great insight into how art can bring together communities of people through expression and a little faith. Vila Cruzeiro was the beginning and inspiration for their huge project. How they live in informal housing, like a giant work in progresses was the basis of their project. How could they turn this unsuspecting landscape into a giant work of art? It turned out to be much more than just about the art; It was more about spending time in the community. They talk about the importance of BBQ; but it isn’t just about grilled meats. It is the act of bringing people together and hosting them, meeting and knowing them. 

As a creative, colour is a huge aspect of my design practice, and to see it being used as an expression where budgets, clients and having ‘no master plan’ is a breath of fresh air. It allows these communities to be talked about; but not with the negative connotations that were once attached to it but about the life and vibrancy that now surrounds them.

What began as a personal project of love and expression, has been shared around the world. This same idea of bringing people together through a sense of community has inspired a number of their other projects. I think this is important to retain when working for clients. To try and push them to ~go with the flow~ a bit more rather than being so rigid to create a better sense of community and open dialogue.

Nadia, Creative Intern

INSPO #4  //  Two Hustlers

Two Hustlers is a creative agency based in the dream city aka New York. It’s funny how the creative agencies we always froth over and aspire towards here at Dream & Do are never “on-trend” but those that are seriously ball-busting. Two Hustlers creates an experiential space on their website, from the moment it starts loading. You could sit there for several minutes just swirling the cursor around their weird java ball of imagery, it’s almost mesmerising. Seriously, look at that thing. It’s quite possible the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, the agency calls itself “a creative collective of radical thinkers, designers and storytellers” building “transformative experiences, digital concepts and advertising campaigns for passionate brands”. And what a damn good bit of copy that is, too. Their team profile pics are even coloured GIFs; seriously, I’m obsessed. The whole ethos of the website seems to be channelling a level of artistry, rather than just design and animation. I think we all need to channel our inner artist and remember to create for love and fun, rather than just work and paying the bills. Especially when our jobs require us to be creative every day! Two Hustlers also shows the appeal of adopting a level of crazy to get attention and showcase skills, and confirms that individuality is the key to all things. Plus the importance of having an amazing website. I’m not going to forget it in a hurry (ever).

Amy, Copywriter

INSPO #5  // Zach King Vines

If you're a little behind like me on the whole internet game, this viral Vine sensation; Zach King's Tic Tac commercial was a great introduction into his videos. But If you're up to date you would have seen his fun, experimental, mind-blowing, coined "magic-vines" which are so well edited that they look like real life. 

His videos are pure creativity where he has embraced his talent in not only video editing; but being a good online personality and just has fun with it. Challenging only himself to create something better than the last one and people start to take notice. It's unlike anything I've seen before and I'm excited to hopefully see this type of treatment expand. I feel that as creatives we lose site of creating just for the joy of it, for ourselves, and often we get caught up in the thought that we have to produce 'work' or that what we create needs to benefit us in a monetary sense. 

King says it takes upwards of 24 hours to create a 6-second vine with 3 to 4 hours of filming. If that's not impressive... I don't know what is. 
Also Vine - we need to get on that shit. 

Renata, Graphic Designer & Photographer

The Dream Team xx